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New Venues for 2021/2022

We are delighted to bring you the newest venue openings in London & the UK. 

Location: 135 Bishopsgate Spitalfields, London

When: 29th April 2021

Spaces: multiple restaurants, bars, terraces, retail departments, wine shops and cookery school

Split across two floors and covering over 40,000 square feet (big), the London site will include three restaurants, three bars, six “eateries,” two terraces, 12 retail departments, a huge wine shop, and one cookery school.


Two of the site’s three restaurants will open when Eataly first opens its doors; a space described not as “fine dining” but “finer [than the other two],” called Terra, will open next summer. The other, unnamed, restaurants will include a traditional pasta and pizza venue and a “market counter to table.” Both are described by London store manager Matteo Ferrio as “informal and convivial” where “the quality of the raw material plays a key role in the whole experience, which is truly unique.”


Location: 77 Brewer St, Soho, W1F 9ZN

When: Late 2021

Spaces: Immersive multiple dining areas, private dining, counter dining


It is part of the Wonderland Restaurant group, a rich melting pot of some of the finest creative minds and storytellers from the world of food, film and magic.

Set in a grade II-listed building which was originally part of The Regent Palace hotel, the multi-room space is as art deco-tastic as Gotham City itself. Featuring a secret entrance modelled on the Batcave, which leads you into the main dining room, the excitement begins from the moment you step inside.

Named after an area of Batman’s fictional hometown Gotham City, Park Row consists of five different dining areas, all offering different styles of food and drink; what they all have in common however, is that they take their inspiration from the iconic characters and stories from DC.


From Harley Quinn-themed food to a lounge inspired by Batman villain The Penguin, everything at Park Row is geared towards fun.

Park Row.jpg
Park Row

Location: 233 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6PJ

When: 12th April 2021

Spaces: Outdoor Terrace, Engine Hall, Mezzanine Cocktail Bar and Top floor Timber Loft

Formerly known as the Great Eastern Electric Light Generating Station - this is the only remaining power station of its type in the UK. Built in 1893 by the Great Eastern Railway (GER) it was the site of Colonel REB Crompton’s world famous electrical engines. 

The original Light Bar and Restaurant was one of the places that made Shoreditch what it is famous for today.

It will comprise four discrete spaces: In addition to the outdoor terrace opening next month, later there will be the “Engine Hall” — the main ground floor bar and restaurant, from which the mezzanine level, “Copper” cocktail bar can be accessed by, which itself leads to the top-floor “Timber Loft.” The latter, a dining area and events space, promises original exposed beams and skylight windows and will open in June when all coronavirus restrictions are currently meant to be eased

Light Bar

Location: 8 St. Martin’s Place, WC2N 4JH

When: 12th April 2021

Spaces: Counter dining, two large rooftop terraces, beautiful bar

Located on the sixth floor of the newly refurbished Page8 hotel in London’s Covent Garden with views over Trafalgar Square and two massive roof terraces, expect this new Japanese restaurant to be quite a draw.


Restaurateur Sergey Men, who also owns the World's End Market on the King's Road, is the man behind the scenes. He's excited about the restaurant's Japanese breakfast, along with what they have planned for the evenings.


Location: Stratford, London

When:  12th April 2021

Spaces: Ground floor café and brasserie, first-floor restaurant, and a rooftop bar.

D&D London, the world-renowned restaurant and bar group, has signed an agreement to launch its latest dining concept within the Pavilion at International Quarter London (IQL). The Pavilion is currently under construction and will be a landmark building within IQL, which stands at the gateway to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, east London. We're still to find out much about the restaurant menu, but we know sustainability will be a big thing. It's a three-floor restaurant made almost entirely from sustainable timber with a ground floor café and brasserie, first-floor restaurant, and a rooftop bar. That terrace will be huge (3000ft sq) with views over the park.


Location: 1 Marylebone Rd, NW1 4AQ

When: 23rd April 2021

Spaces: Soane & Gallery, The Club & The Garden

Fast forward to Spring 2021...something new is coming to the hospitality scene in London. Welcome Chameleon...a multi experiential space, hosted at the iconic One Marylebone. A Tel Avivian gastro sharing style restaurant. The restaurant is going to be mainly an outdoors venture, making it handy for our on-off lockdown times

The Soane and Gallery - Located inside the main building, the Soane and Gallery, will still host private events and in between rotate through various experiences.

The Club - A 400 capacity private club will be built under the church. The Club will consist of an open plan restaurant and all-day cocktail bar, private dining rooms which can be opened up to create one space, live shows, with sensational singers and musicians and immersive art.

The Garden - this will be an outdoor tented lounge with your own private booth for up to six guests, with Tel Avivian bbq, shishas and cocktails.


Location: 2 Farmer St, Kensington, W8 7SN

When: 17th May 2021

Spaces: Ground floor dining room with first-floor lounge and late night bar

Opening in Notting Hill, Los Mochis restaurant and bar is the ultimate Pan-Pacific pairing, mixing Mexican spirit with Japanese elegance, Mexican art and design with Japanese coolness and Mexican flavours with Japanese techniques.  And with a whooping 22 new takes on a taco to choose from!

The backdrop against which all of this can be savoured is equally compelling. The overall design of both the ground floor dining room and the first-floor lounge is saturated with elements of rustic authentic Mexican culture balanced with a fusion of elegant, warm and sophisticated Japanese touches. Rough surfaces are softened by subtle ambient lighting and stark finishes offset by warm timbers and cognac leathers.

Los Mochis

Location: Newfoundland development, Westferry Road, E14 4JB

When: Early 2022

Spaces: Restaurant & grill,  private dining, wine store, tasting room, cocktail bar, garden, and private members lounge

M Restaurants are to open at Newfoundland development on Canary Wharf in 2021.


The 10,000 sq ft site will include a restaurant, grill, wine store and tasting room, cocktail bar and garden, private members lounge and Private Dining Room! Occupying the first floor of the 60-storey building, will be a 10,000 sq. ft. M Restaurant and Grill.

M Restaurants

Location: Crossrail Pl, London E14 5AR

When: Summer 2021

Pergola on the Wharf is a botanical waterside Eden, grown for naturally good times. Flooded with natural light from the floor-to ceiling windows and strewn with lush flora, vines and ferns, the huge space will play host to three bars, food pop-ups, drinking, dancing, live music and DJ sets late into the night. Perched above Canary Wharf’s northern dock with panoramic views.


Like the space itself, the menu takes its cues from nature, serving wholesome seasonal food from the core elements of ‘Earth, Land and Sea’. ‘Earth’ and its rich soil gives us a bounty of crisp vegetables, tubers and grains, ‘Land’ provides the decadent fats and flesh that we value so highly, and from ‘Sea’ we pull glistening fish and crustaceans with their delicate and unique flavours. A focus on understanding where our food comes from only increases the appreciation we feel each bite for both the ingredients and their preparation.

Pergola on the Wharf

Location: 15 Bruton Ln, London W1J 6JD

When: 26 May 2021

Stumble upon a mysteriously concealed entrance somewhere on Bruton Lane, only a stone’s throw away from Mr Fogg’s humble Residence. Unlatch the gate and unearth a most remarkable discovery, a hidden gem in the heart of Mayfair – a secret English Victorian walled garden.


Shrouded in greenery, adorned with whimsical garden features and serving botanical-infused cocktails, this quaint outdoor addition to Mr Fogg’s famous Mayfair watering hole is simply a breath of fresh air, away from the bustling streets of London.

Mr Foggs Secret Garden
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